1. I tolerate noise and crowds.
I avoid crowds and seek quiet.
  2. I talk more than listen.
I listen more than talk.
  3. I get distracted easily. I concentrate well.
  4. I value solid, recognizable methods achieved in step-by-step manner. I value different or unusual methods
achieved via inspiration.
  5. I focus on actual experience I focus on possibilities.
  6. I tend to be specific and literal;
give detailed descriptions.
I tend to be general and figurative;
use metaphors and analogies.
  7. I rely on past experiences. I rely on hunches.
  8. I value realism and common sense. I value imagination and innovation.
  9. I have truth as an objective. I have harmony as a goal.
  10. I decide more with my head. I decide more with my heart.
  11. I choose truthfulness over
I choose tactfulness over truthfulness.
  12. I expect world to run on logical
I expect the world to recognize
individual differences.
  13. I feel better after making decisions I prefer to keep things open.
  14. I enjoy finishing things. I enjoy starting things.
  15. I see time as a finite resource,
and take deadlines seriously.
I see time as a renewable resource,
and see deadlines as elastic.