Glaciers Instructions

When you enter the piece you have several options.

Follow one persons story:
You can choose one character from the map. You will see the film strip below the big window. The strip is divided into eight parts, each part represents the seven days of the story and in the last part you will see the conclusion.

Follow all the stories simultaneous:
By choosing the title “Jöklar” on the map a new window will open where all the stories are played simultaneously. This is how the live performance was broadcasted to the internet and screened at Bio Paradis.

Visit Glacier World:
By choosing Australia on the map you will enter Glacier World.

Follow the characters into their final mission:
By choosing the black glaciers on the map the final mission of the characters of the piece will be revealed.

Glaciers – short trailer from Netleikhúsið Herbergi 408 on Vimeo.